To make tradition and taste a click away. To combine modernity and simplicity giving emotions. Those are the main objectives that we followed in the realization of the Osteria al Canitinì’s communication, in the process of being launched. From that we have thought and realized new contents dedicated at the description of not only the sophistication of a menu that was never obvious, but also of a place that lives both in its valley, the Val Camonica, and tourism, but also of people and hospitality, that one of a young and dynamic team capable of juggling between past and present. First of all, a photo-shoot dedicated to catch the beauty of the dishes and the venue has been realized. At the same time interviews that corroborated the team job, the Osteria’s philosophy and the choices made in the kitchen, have been made. The whole thing was preparatory to post the website online, to start the social network, to realize a coordinate image of the venue with the study of a menu, of a pizza-pack and of the coordinate image of Cantinì.

Client: Osteria al Cantinì
Year: dal 2015



A few years after the opening, thanks to the owner Matteo Rivadossi’s forward-looking vision, the Osteria al Cantini di Borno (BS), today is a destination restaurant for connoisseurs, critics, bloggers, fans and gourmands. It appears in Slow Food and Osterie d’Italia guides and its strength it’s the mix of quality, imagination and experimentation… also regarding marketing. The parties, the events, the participation at the most important food manifestation in Brescia and the four-handed dinners raised the crossbar of his offer, year after year. A path that JBS followed steadily, finding star chefs and communicating the events through videos, pictures and digital PR.

That’s how chefs Philippe Léveillé, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Fabrizio Albini e Fabrizio Ferrari arrived at Osteria al Cantini: in a succession of authentic experiences of taste, between glam and fun.