A book about a very current subject that concerns every one of us: food intolerances. This is “Intolleranza fottiti” (“Screw you intolerance”), an aggressive title chosen to express the discomfort, the research and the victory in what is considered a problem for many. Tiziana Colombo is the one that eviscerated the problem and found a solution. Author, blogger, Italian intolerant food influencer and among the first ones to have faced the theme of the alimentary intolerances in the kitchen, bringing the matter from a personal level to a media one, for the good of all. Dedicated to whom suffers of food intolerances, but also perfect for whoever desires a more creative and responsible approach towards the daily diet. A new taste’s journey, then, catchy and informed, written with the collaboration of a happy brigade that has made of the kitchen a mission: Chef Fabio Silva, the baker teacher Massimo Bonanomi, the hemp expert Oris Portanova and the show-chef Diego Bongiovanni.

Pictures and front page edited by JBS Agency.