Technique, knowledge, passion, stubbornness. It’s an ancient place, holy for those who believe, bucolic for those who are seeking for peacefulness. The Accademia Boscolo Etoile, opened in Tuscania in an ex-monastery, still has the traits of the art-direction made by one of the founders of JBS, Matteo Pasquali, who set up the interior, took care of the communication, of the marketing project with the creation of “weekend Gourmet” and also took care of the editorial development with the care of different books and house organ of kitchen and bakery. The job of the agency was to give impetuous at the project, through the reorganization of the internal communication and the realization of the graphic project of a booth fair, the pack design of the line gourmet of products and the cure of “Il cioccolato secondo l’Etoile”, a book about the artistic chocolate that has the signature of the Maître Chocolatier Gianluca Aresu.

Client: Boscolo Etoile Academy
Year: 2015



To make a space alive, constantly. To spread the experience with house organ and international exhibitions to open yourself in the world… inviting it at your own house. With this goal, catalogues, video, booth stands dedicated to show the beauty of this place and the caliber of its teacher, have been created.

The Laboratorio Pellegrino Artusi, Vincenzo Cerivio, Bartolomeo Scappi, Antonio Latini and the newest member, the Laboratorio Teatro: in which rooms the best chefs of tomorrow are prepared, thanks to the experience of Roberto Boscolo and his staff. And we have photographed them.

But the Boscolo Etoile is not just a school: it’s an experience open to all those people who want to try to cook new delicacies, to learn the Italian culinary art, or to make team building of taste. For this reason the “Weekend Gourmet” are born: packages that bring together cooking and vacation, invented by Matteo Pasquali and updated by JBS.